Trisha Paytas is EXPOSING Jeffree Star and other YouTubers...?

6. jul. 2020
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This video is about Jeffree Star and more Trisha Paytas allegedly threatening to expose him. Enjoy :)
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  • I haven’t watched Angelica in a month and I forgot how pretty her eye color is. It’s so pretty whatttt

    SushiCat Doing StuffSushiCat Doing StuffPred mesecem
  • I’m so late but Blair White is publicly a trump supporter so maybe that’s who she was talking about but idk it could’ve been someone else

    EmilyEmilyPred mesecem
  • The beginning of this video is literally me when I realized one of my eyes is smaller than the other. I had that EXACT moment.

    Sierra RoseSierra RosePred 2 meseci
  • The Trump supporter thing is about Blaire. She voted for Trump.

    Rose RedmayneRose RedmaynePred 2 meseci
  • I would agree with what Trisha says a LOT easier if she didn't shit post and offend entire oppressed groups (coming out as trans and black) every other week

    Rose RedmayneRose RedmaynePred 2 meseci
  • I understand Eugenia and Trisha are trying to defend Shane but in what world has buying an iPad for a fan ever redeemed pedophilia, racism, and a pathetic apology piggy backing off of the one Jenna Marble did 🤦‍♂️

    Harry CreationsHarry CreationsPred 2 meseci
  • Don’t forget that Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson dates for like a year and had a whole ship name hashtag and everything guys ✨🥰🧚‍♀️

    Rave_Ash_14Rave_Ash_14Pred 2 meseci
  • Bookshelf tour please

    Lauren CamilaLauren CamilaPred 2 meseci
  • CT stands for Connecticut XD I know how confusing keeping track of 50 states is lol took me a while to learn all of them On a different note tho your makeup is gorgeous 😍

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  • Didn't you say you would never talk about gabbie hanna again??

    Stefania OwzarekStefania OwzarekPred 2 meseci
  • jaclyn hill is a huge capitalist she would never drop morphe. She was willing to sell potentially dangerous makeup for profit. this morphe drama is nothing in her eyes.

    Eirin JensenEirin JensenPred 2 meseci
  • I don’t believe a word Trisha says. Ever. She is a troll and always will be on. She honestly doesn’t deserve the respect she has

    Mia RussellMia RussellPred 2 meseci
  • Jeremiah Starfish is so incapable of telling the truth that lying is legit his default setting so it should always automatically be assumed that he is lying unless there is proof to say otherwise

    mariamariaPred 2 meseci
  • lol you at the start of this video is legit me a few days ago when I finally realised after 24 years of living on this earth that my nose maybe looks weird

    mariamariaPred 2 meseci
  • N WORD and say how she is over the Mexicans

    Sᴛᴏᴏᴘɪᴅ oHSᴛᴏᴏᴘɪᴅ oHPred 2 meseci
  • Man it’s like watching villain getting recruited to fight against future villains.

    Cringe PotatoCringe PotatoPred 2 meseci
  • Hi I don’t know if this is in your control at all, but they are playing Trump ads on ur video );

    Lexus ConwayLexus ConwayPred 2 meseci
  • Didn’t Trisha Paytas make a video publicly supporting Trump?? 🤔🤔

    Rufaida AbduRufaida AbduPred 2 meseci
  • You don't look lopsided haha you look beautiful 💗

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  • CT = Connecticut However could I find that state? No. I can find about ten or so....🤦‍♀️😬

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  • The biggest part of this whole thing that I find disturbing is that Jeffree had to be the star and went around trashing one of his clients for Killer merch. Like....seriously? Shut up and make your money honey

    Lindsey BailesLindsey BailesPred 2 meseci
  • I'm amazed that these youtubers don't hire PR people when they get around a million subs. That's when shit seems to hit the fan.

    Lindsey BailesLindsey BailesPred 2 meseci
  • Did you see that without a crystal ball had a whole ass meltdown and made an entire live about you? 😂 Its the most ridiculous, inarticulate thing I've seen in a while. Nothing like owning someone twice your age lmfao

    Haley T.Haley T.Pred 2 meseci
  • White definitely is your colour! You look like an literal angel!! 👼🏻✨

    VerenaBlumeVerenaBlumePred 2 meseci
  • You can't take her seriously. She was just on a rant the other day about how Shane isn't wrong 🙄

    Angie BeazerAngie BeazerPred 2 meseci
  • THE BEGINNING OMGG thats a whole mooodddd

    LinLinPred 2 meseci
  • You know what is sick to me? Since everyone else is using the word "sickening" is that people used to support them and laugh with them and youtube was a way to escape and now everyone is against you tubers its sad how people who have a rough day cant even escape reality anymore ig people are really showing their true colors not just you tubers

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  • Ooolkkkkkkmkk

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  • Been ill recently, only just recovering and finally catching up on everything so a bit late to this vid, but just want to make the point that just because someone was the platform to forwarding your career or helped it/recovered it doesn’t mean you should stay loyal to them, sure, they helped, but that shouldn’t overtake anyone’s moral compass. Fact is, the things Jeffree and Shane have done and said are next level shit. This is not a simple "oopsie", it’s very serious and should be looked into as more than just a bit of drama. It’s also a problem in "comedy", too many comedic figures hide behind "it’s just a joke", "edgy humour", whatever, but the greatest comedians are those that don’t make jokes demeaning others, whether it be about race, gender, etc. None of it is excusable, defendable, and acceptable. It’s all hate crimes and deeply grotesque and absolutely disgusting. These people defending based on loyalty should be ashamed and open their damn eyes. Many of the Harry Potter actors and actresses have spoken out against JK Rowling for her blatant transphobia. She started their careers and made them Hollywood stars with her work. Yet they have spoken up and made a stance against her disgusting hatred. Problem is with maaany big public figures is they think they are invincible. As Angelika has said many times, they’ll go silent for a while and then it gets swept under the rug and people forget. I STILL question about Romeo Lacoste because I feel he got off way too lightly. He still tattoos fgs! But it is important to remember that these people are NOT invincible so long as people keep hounding them, leaving them, and taking a stand against them. These people didn’t care for the people they were upsetting and mental health is NEVER an excuse for mistreating others so badly or inappropriately. In fact, it only stigmatises mental health. These people need to face the consequences of their actions, they have been hurtful and unkind. I’ve seen nothing genuine come from any of the apologies, they hope by planting the "woe is me" seed, that people won’t hold them accountable and they’ll escape them. And shockingly, they often do. We need people like Angelika to keep bringing their shitty actions and their crimes in the light and eventually, they will face the justified consequences. I never usually comment, but I’m so sick of hideous minds hurting and manipulating others, pulling the "poor me, mental health" card behind the fake ass apologies. I see no growth, they can throw money (important to remember how rich these people are) into charities to hide their warped minds, they can say words to make them sound remorseful and regretful, when they’re often not, they are just manipulating millions into think they’re sorry. They keep getting away with this shit because too many people slide it under the rug when things calm down until the next awful thing happens. No one is perfect, people make mistakes and I absolutely stand for people who genuinely grow and are sorry. But there’s only so many chances before you got to see the wool is being pulled over our eyes. People need to stop falling for it and these people like Jeffree NEED their platforms taken away from them. I’m 26 on the 12th, I was around when these offensive things weren’t taken seriously. Have I ever said racist and done racist shit? No. I have been absolutely been ignorant, I’m sure there’s still things I am ignorant to (that "glorious" white privilege) but I have learned, will continue to learn, and stop making the mistakes. These big public figures such as Jeffree are not simply ignorant, certainly not anymore, they understand the obvious right from wrongs, they just think they can cruise through the storm and get on the other side where the sun is shining. (Sorry this long but thanks for coming to my Ted talk if you did...👀)

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  • What’s the video that was gna be put in ?

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  • sis you had like 200k the other day this is amazinggggggggg

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  • Just because you have a good experience with one person doesn't mean everybody else gets the same experience/treatment

    Hen xoHen xoPred 2 meseci
  • The way it looks to me, Jeffree Star, is an extremely, talented, COVERT NARCISSIST 🧐He has used Shane Dawson, and now he is discarding him💯He chose Shane, because he was BROKEN, and emotional, therefore, an easy target, for a 🐍 like Jeffree 🤮Trust me, Shane is the innocent one 😇💖💯🇳🇴

    Gee TeeGee TeePred 2 meseci
  • 13:08 Where was all of this when people were attacking James? And where is this evidence of "change" when shane supports a known racist and says that a 19 year old is too narcissistic to kill themselves?

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  • The best intro

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  • is blaire white publicly supporting trump? cause i know she’s very publicly republican. anyways i think it’s about multiple ppl.

    May YamMay YamPred 2 meseci
  • I’m literally obsessed with your brain. Please do not stop making content!!!

    Kailee CannadyKailee CannadyPred 2 meseci
  • I don't agree with Eugenia Cooney's "good vibes only" attitude, however, I think she was also trying to argue against cancel culture in general. In a decade: not only does a person change, but public opinion about what is right and wrong do too, and that should be remembered. I am not making this point in an effort to absolve Shane Dawson, I just think the movement to crucify comedy is scary. Every joke must have a butt.

    aqueminiaqueminiPred 2 meseci
  • I’m TIRED of these influencers saying “but he’s so nice to ME, so it’s impossible he’s not nice to others”. Jeffree Star was “nice” to Trisha, and Trisha PRAISED HIM for a Gucci bag, but the minute he hurt HER directly, she cut ties with him. This is the problem with white influencers. Most of them ignore racism because “they’re so nice to THEM”, but when those people treat THEM badly, then they are finally “a bad person”, not because they are offensive people, but because they hurt THEM.

    ElaineElainePred 2 meseci
  • Well look at people with money most of them think they can do what they want . Look at Jeffrey Epstein , the prince and now look at Shayne and Jeffrey star same think .

    Barbara GagnonBarbara GagnonPred 2 meseci